May Crowning

flowers from May CrowningSo often we go through the motions of life, not really fully appreciating the little moments right in front of us. We’re so anxious to hurry up and get done and move onto the next thing. If we’re not careful, life will pass us by and we’ll be stuck wondering “What just happened?” This past Wednesday at the Holy Spirit School weekly mass, we held the traditional Crowning of the Blessed Mother. I knew vaguely what was going to happen but when I walked into the church to find our middle schoolers gathered in the back by the baptismal fountain with a flower in one hand, and clutching their buddy’s hand, I couldn’t help but smile. The entrance hymn started and the procession began. 8th grade teachers and staff watched with pride as a mix of students walked hand-in-hand with their buddies down the aisle. Cell phones and cameras were raised to capture the moment and parents beamed. I turned to my Mom and said, “I don’t remember doing that when I was here.” Apparently my Mom’s memory and that of my 5th grade teacher’s is better than mine as they both agreed we did in fact participate in May Crowning. Well, regardless, this year’s was absolutely beautiful. Thanks to this job, I have been able to sit back and appreciate all the different ways that our school commemorates events like this. When I saw our 8th graders walk down the aisle, with their buddy looking up at them in awe, I simply smiled. Shortly after returning to my office, I immediately sent out an email to our Middle School Religion teacher (aka my 5th grade teacher) and a few other key individuals telling them congrats on a job well done.

In this thing called life, let’s remember to soak up the little moments….