Book Review: Head First, a crash course in positivity


Steve Lawton is the type of guy that seconds after meeting him, you feel as if you’ve known him for years. He just makes you feel comfortable. I first met Steve about 20 years in 1996, when my sister and brother-in-law got married.  Steve is a fellow Aggie, like my brother-in-law Jay. Throughout the years, I would see Steve at various functions. A few years ago, my sister shared that Steve had been in a really bad skiing accident in Colorado and that Jay and another friend drove an RV out to bring him back to Texas. After hearing details of the accident, it is truly amazing how Steve survived. Just a few short years after the accident, Steve has shareIMG_5097d his story of positivity, resilience and determination in an appropriately titled book Head First: A Crash Course in Positivity. After finishing it, I can truly say what an inspirational book it was to read. I was reminded of how fast life can change and the role one’s attitude plays toward dealing with life’s surprises. Steve gives the reader 8 principles of how to maintain positivity when going through something negative or difficult.  His journey reminded me of my Dad’s philosophy: “There are problems and there are inconveniences. Learn the difference.” This is so true as we wall get caught up in dwelling on the little things and deeming our life to be over because we got a flat tire or our cable is out. I urge you to step back and reassess your priorities. When you see that your coffee mug leaked onto your back seat, sure it’s aggravating and makes you want to scream…..but is it a problem or
an inconvenience? Having cancer, an amputation or being stuck on a ski hill because of a fluke crash that cracked your helmet….those are problems. However, if you have the right attitude toward those problems, they can slowly teter toward an inconvenience. If you let it, the disease or problem can ruin your life. Don’t give it that much power.

If you liked the saying referenced above of my Dad’s, you can find out more information here. If you are interested in reading Steve’s book, which I hope all of you are, you can buy it on Amazon.  Follow Steve on Twitter: @stevehlawton.  IMG_3295