Dear Readers:

Dates are funny things.  There’s the day you took that first step, day you broke up with what’s his name, day you graduate.  They are figures embedded in our heads, maybe for life or just temporarily.  Maybe they are dates that make you laugh, smile, cry or ones you wish to forget.  So when I heard the various newscasters and radio personalities discussing today’s date, 12.12.12, I figured I would go a different route.  While today’s date is significant, I feel more inclined to remember and share 12 memories, events or just dates in general that are memorable to me.  Here they are in no particular order:

The day I….

  1.  Drove from San Antonio to Norman, OK (with brief stop in Dallas) for graduate school.  6 years later, I’m now a resident of Oklahoma.
  2. Learned I would be an aunt….got to repeat that day 5 times (thank you Kathy and Jay for giving us Ryan, Patrick, Jimmy, Garrett and Meagan).
  3. Threw out my first (and probably last) pitch at a softball game.  Oh, thankfully I can laugh at it now as I don’t remember seeing any media.
  4. Had a student come up to me and say “If I hadn’t come seen you or gotten help from this office, I wouldn’t have gotten this internship.”
  5. Recently had to be hundreds of miles away while a good friend who is only two years older than me received her first chemo treatment (where’s that private plane when you need it?)
  6. Signed the papers on my first house and car.
  7. Shook the hands of former CEO for Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher and Vice Presidential nominee, Gov. Sarah Palin (crikey it was cold that night….but worth it)….oh and if you’re ever at Dallas Love Field, keep your eye out for Mr. Kelleher-great guy!
  8. Went out to take pictures of snow and wasn’t sure if I’d make it home when my car tires kept spinning….but got some darn good pictures as a result.
  9. Skied the expert slopes with my cousin when I was about 6 or 7.  Funny how the smile on my face did not match my parents…their expression said, “You were where???”
  10. Had to kick off my sandals and run after my nephew on cold grass …in a non-fenced backyard…through sprawling yards of complete strangers with friends and family in attendance and probably laughing at me…along with my nephew who was laughing and running quite fast.
  11. Attended a mass in presence of the late Pope John Paul in 1997.
  12. Along with my sisters, gave our parents a surprise anniversary  party celebrating 35 years of marriage… and seeing the look of pure surprise on their faces (13 years ago, wow time flies).

I hope this day of 12.12.12 is a good one for you but my advice to you: make your own memories and don’t forget to grab the camera!