It’s That Time of Year….

College Football.  It’s the time of year people plan their social lives around and a time of year no one wants to end.  When the last bowl game is played in January, a heavy depression settles in over the country.   Fans immediately begin to count down until September when it all can start again.  I hesitate admitting this, but I’m more of a college basketball fan myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy football….but the sport of basketball is what brings out a different, more competitive side.  But, it’s September….and that means football.  September means waking up on Saturdays and turning on ESPN GameDay after my morning news.  A mere few weeks ago, I laughed when I asked Jenny how many days until football season started and she spit out almost an exact number and then broke into a huge smile.  Being from Texas, this is the time of year classmates from high school and friends from Texas give me hell because I now “bleed crimson and cream.” I now cheer for the University of Oklahoma, the coveted rival of the Longhorns.  I will always have ties to Texas….I was born there….my family still lives in San Antonio.  But I chose to receive my graduate degree from OU and am proud I am now alum of a great university who happens to have one of the top-rated football programs in the country.  Plus, I look better in crimson than I do orange…..

So grab a beverage and snack of your choice and enjoy today and every Saturday to come until January.  They go by fast…..