No Kindle….no problem

We were in my boss’s office for a “meeting.”  I put that in quotes because it doesn’t take much for my colleagues and I to get distracted and lose focus of why we’re actually sitting together with a pen and pad of paper around us.  We were supposed to be creating a theme for an upcoming event.  We started spitting out ideas that led to a lot of “ooh, that sounds good,”  “I like that idea,” only to be followed by, “that reminds me of that Modern Family episode….” I smiled and said, “Sarah, focus….was that Phil (character on Modern Family) who said that?”  I easily get distracted too.  I hate that sometimes.  I really like to be productive at work….you know, like I’m very important and making a great contribution to our office.  So, back to the meeting…we finished up after creating some good ideas and making a list…well, we all nodded in agreement while one person (thanks Ashe!) made a list.  Our boss walked back into her office, grabbed her coat and said, “Uh Sarah, we have like 2 minutes…”  Sarah gets up, grabs her planner and makes a look.  She may not have said it but I know Sarah was very excited.  Our boss looked at the rest of us and said, ‘we have class…”  She and Sarah walked out yelling, “okay, see y’all Thursday hopefully.  Try to do something productive if we’re off tomorrow….like sit and enjoy your Kindle…” We yelled something after her about not all having a Kindle. 

I’m all for gadgets.  I was an iPhone fan for a while.  But when it comes to reading a book…I like to feel it and touch it.  So I was not one of those who had to run out and get the latest e-reader.  I thought, “No thanks.  The library and Barnes ‘n Noble are just fine with me.”  There’s something peaceful about holding a book and getting engrossed in the words on the page…feeling like the author is talking to you personally.  I like marking my place and seeing it sit on my table or on my couch.  I look forward to ending the day by opening it back up and picking up where I left off.  I work on a computer all day…have a Blackberry as my phone….rarely go long without checking e-mail.  The last thing I want is to have one more electronic screen to look at, especially for something like a book.  But that’s just me….some people, such as my boss, live for their Kindle or Nook. 

So, as the snow continues to fall tomorrow morning as I enjoy my coffee…I will be in the comfort of my own home and with my hardcover book by my side.  I can’t wait to see what Thomas Kinkade has to say…