No More Excuses

As I write this, it’s Sunday night.  I am ending the weekend on a proud note.  For the past 3 weeks, my weekends have been full of choices that were based on fun, what was convenient for me and what I wanted to do.  Today, I made room for a choice based on one other factor: what I should be doing.  I was out running errands and got done about 4:15.  I had two options-go home and maybe do something productive….or kill some time before 5:00 mass.  I chose the latter and am glad I did.  The season of Lent starts this Wednesday.  I shouldn’t need a reason to get back into attending mass again but certainly doesn’t hurt.  In addition, a person close to me is having surgery tomorrow.  Giving up one hour to spend some time with God was a way of showing him how grateful I am that I know he’ll watch over her tomorrow. 

The second reason I am proud of myself is because I worked out tonight for the first time in months.  I felt really good while I was exercising.  I can’t help but laugh now as my shoulders are already sore and I will be slow going up the stairs tomorrow.  But…that’s not the point.  I stopped procrastinating and finally followed through.  I hope this is the start of another good bit of change for me.  Giving up two hours of my time to make myself healthier in more ways than physical is well worth it to me.


Glass Half Full

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been taught a few lessons in perspective.  How you look at things can impact your mood, your outlook and your well-being.  One day you can be rolling along just fine, and then a mere 24 hours later, your world can be turned upside down.  When this happened recently to me, I had a slew of emotions: anger, shock, confusion, anxiety and yet pride.  I didn’t see this coming and yet a part of me is angry I didn’t. Years ago, I would’ve stuck to anger and wouldn’t have handled it very maturely.  Thankfully, age has helped and after the initial shock wore off, I flipped the switch and thought, “Okay, let’s find the good in this…” and I came up with the following: my confidence grew, self-esteem got bumped up a notch, anxiety turned to enthusiasm, and I was proud of not completely losing it.  Negative emotions will get me nowhere and simply be a waste of time.

The “event” happened over a week ago.  I have turned the page on that short story and am excited to see what the next chapter holds.  I know God will help guide me on the right path where my faith stays strong and I don’t lose my footing.  I have all the support I need around me and welcome the challenge.  I know I will be better off for this and that God wouldn’t give me more than I could handle.