Random thoughts

Thanks to Mother Nature, I’m at home today.  This is the second snow day of the spring semester.  Perhaps we need to look into changing the title of this semester….because spring and snow day just sound so hypocritical.  The timing of this storm seemed so fitting as I’m fighting allergies/cold so having some time to just relax at home to let the medicine kicked in was something I definitely welcomed.  I’m the type of person who is okay about having to stay home.  I’m good at entertaining myself whether it is by playing Words with Friends on my iPhone, reading or writing.  When I opened my door to take a picture of the snow, I quickly shut it because the snow was clear up to my door and ended up getting on my carpet.  I won’t deny that it looks pretty but is clearly going to take some time to clean up tomorrow.  I also brought some work with me so I also have that as an option to fill my time.  

I’d love to be like Pioneer Woman and fill my blog with photos to coincide with my text but afraid that isn’t going to happen with this post.  Hopefully next time…