A Christmas to Remember

The Christmas holidays this year were different for me in that I was not with my family in San Antonio.  Prior to my being home for Thanksgiving, we had decided it would be fun for my parents, sisters, niece and nephews would visit me for Christmas.  My parents had wanted to see my new house so this was a great opportunity.  I kept telling myself that I needed to just get through Christmas Day and then I’d be fine.  I decided to attend church on Christmas Eve.  I first attempted to make it to one church’s service at 5:00.  I arrived with only 10 minutes or so to spare and found no parking….well, I could’ve parked across the street but then figured there would be no seating inside the church.  Alrighty, Plan B.  I stopped at the grocery store, grabbed some milk, pizza, spaghetti, sauce and chips…clearly essentials for snow storm.  I drove home, put the groceries away and got back into the car so I was sure to make the next service.  The entryway of St. Thomas More was already crowded. I spotted a seat on one of benches and quickly snagged it.  As I began looking around, I realized this was the children’s pageant mass.  Little ones decked out in their adorable holiday clothes kept the atrium area a buzz with activity.  A few minutes later, the children began lining up to take their place.  Angels, various animals and alike were chattering amongst themselves. 

A Call to Serve

Thanks to the tweet from Ann Curry, I felt called to volunteer to help serve dinner at the Norman Community Dinner on Christmas Day.  I was scheduled to be a back-up but then got the call that someone had cancelled.  I left early in case it took me a while to get to Norman High School.  I parked and carefully walked up the ramp.  As I looked around the cafeteria, I couldn’t help but smile.  Families and individuals enjoying a delicious holiday meal.  After getting my instructions, I was assigned my post.  I am finding out how small of a world Norman is as I ended up meeting two ladies who used to work where I work now.  As I was saying my goodbyes to the gentleman in charge of the event an hour or so later, I said I would get in touch with him earlier next year so I could sign up in advance. 

Through the slosh and over the ice we go

        christmas 2012 2


 christmas 2012

The reports that came in early on Tuesday were not encouraging for my being able to travel to my friend’s house for dinner.  Text messages were exchanged and after looking at updates online, I decided to head north.  Getting out of my neighborhood seemed to be the most difficult.  Fast forward a couple of hours and I returned home from a delicious meal with friends.  We ate, watched the Thunder game, opened presents and just hung out. 

In my eyes, that was a good Christmas.  As I write this, it is two days until my family gets to Norman.  I can’t wait….

Enjoying the holidays in Norman

Making it Out

Skating anyone?

For the past three days, I haven’t left my apartment.  Just when I thought I’d start planning my work outfit for the next day, I’d get the automated call saying we would be closed another day.  Alrighty then….plan B.  Today was day three and so when I got up, I was determined to shower, put on make-up and at least go get the mail.  I cleared the snow from right outside my door and made it to my car no problem.  It was cold out (correction, it is still cold out….about 18 degrees to be exact)…but anyway, it was bearable.  I was armed with my wallet (which holds my drivers license…apparently I had the bright idea I’d try and go off the apartment property….well, that and I figured I’d be legal driving the less than one mile to the mailbox).  I also had grabbed my phone and digital camera…the latter because despite the frigid temps and ice on the road, those are silly reasons as to why I wouldn’t stop in the middle of the road and capture a shot of the frozen pond (and yes, I did stop in the middle of the black-ice filled road and roll down my window, letting in 17 degree wind so that I could snap a picture).  After thinking my car had long enough time to warm up, I slowly backed out of my parking space and proceeded cautiously down the street.  The road really wasn’t that bad if by “not that bad” you mean snow drifts and ice everywhere.  This is really a good taste of patience as in, “for the love of God, can I go any slower??”  I made it to the mailbox just fine….amazing what prayers will do to help though.  “Please God, don’t let me hit that car or slide and hit the curb…”  “Oh boy, there’s another car…”  I parked (coasted, really) into a spot and then got my mail (3 pieces of junk to be exact).  I again said a prayer as I backed out of my spot, taking in another clump of snow as got closer to edge of driveway.  A Jeep Grand Cherokee was entering the apartment property and drove by, looking at me like, “good luck getting back…” I’ll admit this is when I don’t like having a low car but I made it back just fine, thank you.  I backed into a spot near my apartment and then walked up sidewalk then stopped to take a few shots.

Random thoughts

Thanks to Mother Nature, I’m at home today.  This is the second snow day of the spring semester.  Perhaps we need to look into changing the title of this semester….because spring and snow day just sound so hypocritical.  The timing of this storm seemed so fitting as I’m fighting allergies/cold so having some time to just relax at home to let the medicine kicked in was something I definitely welcomed.  I’m the type of person who is okay about having to stay home.  I’m good at entertaining myself whether it is by playing Words with Friends on my iPhone, reading or writing.  When I opened my door to take a picture of the snow, I quickly shut it because the snow was clear up to my door and ended up getting on my carpet.  I won’t deny that it looks pretty but is clearly going to take some time to clean up tomorrow.  I also brought some work with me so I also have that as an option to fill my time.  

I’d love to be like Pioneer Woman and fill my blog with photos to coincide with my text but afraid that isn’t going to happen with this post.  Hopefully next time…