Confessions from Norman: Obsession with Twitter

Ever since the Twitter phenomeon started, I was perfectly content not being  a part of it.  I didn’t feel the need to jump onto the bandwagon…start sending out “tweets.”  I mean, I didn’t even know what the heck a “tweet” was…who comes up with this?  Recently I was at a meeting with some colleagues.  The person we were meeting with was brainstorming on some ideas to increase traffic into our arts museum.  One of my colleagues, Kathy, who continuously cracks me up, asks the art museum girl, “Well, are you on Facebook?  Do you tweet?”  I looked at another colleague, Melanie, and silently mouthed, “Do you tweet?  Where did that come from?”  She just laughed.  A few days after that, I went to Twitter and tried to realize what the buzz was all about.  Short messages, little drama unlike Facebook…hmm, maybe I might like this after all.  

Fast forward a few weeks and I am now a serious fan of Twitter.  I was never a huge Facebook girl and can appreciate that people don’t post long, dramatic things on Twitter.  I like that there are only a certain number of characters allotted per “tweet.”  I get to “follow” famous people and reply to their posts…and they even write back.  That’s pretty cool to me. 

For all those like me who used to roll their eyes at Twitter and think, “sheesh, what will come up with next…who has time for all this”  give it a try…you might just like it.

New Twitter fan