Valentine’s confession

Seeing as how tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, it’s hard for me to not have something, well really someone on my mind.  I’ve been thinking about him for a few months.  I haven’t seen him since our last home football game.  This is probably going to sound really corny but when I hear the song Smile by Uncle Kracker, I think of him and yes, smile.  Not only does thinking of him make me smile but being in his presence and talking with him does it for me.  I don’t have his phone number but I could easily send him an e-mail.  I’ve thought over in my head of what I would tell him and I’m never convinced that they are the right words.  I’m scared of how he’ll react….will he just send a polite reply?  Ignore it?  Or is there the remote chance that he would reply and end up doing what he always does: making me smile.  I just don’t know.  I could bite the bullet and just send it, throwing caution to the wind.  I mean, it’s almost Valentine’s Day after all.