Finally Friday: Wow, what a week!

It is finally Friday, and boy am I glad. This week has been an emotional roller coaster. As I sit here with my feet up on the couch, enjoying a glass of wine, I am able to digest the events of the week. I can’t help but laugh but know God gave me this week for a reason. I pity the people that don’t have their share of ups and downs because they don’t know their own strength. They don’t know just how much a sense of humor can get them through the day. At work, we are all inundated with statistics and data entry right now, that I’m so mentally checked out…thus, the wine. I love that it was a crazy week because there was never a dull moment. I don’t do boring…I like keeping things interesting. I love having a co-worker (who I’m lucky enough has turned into a friend) who emails me shortly after we both got to work and says “Coffee?” That’s all her email says…but it’s enough to make me smile and know that she wants (or needs) a trip to Starbucks…which, thankfully is located in our building. The week was a blur for the most part…that seems to be happening more and more these days…I’m sure it’s my age, but this is just a hectic time of year. Holidays, end of semester, statistics, oh my…

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Barbara Niven, an actress who stars in one of my favorite shows, Cedar Cove. She was sweet enough to offer 2 people a short chat with her via Skype. Well, the night before I opened up Skype to make sure it was working which it was. The hour leading up to our phone call, I was nervous….will I know what to say, what should we talk about, should I dress up? Sheesh, I thought..just relax. She’ll be herself so just chill. At the set time, I get the notification that her call is coming through. Not 5 minutes into our chat, we encounter audio issues…and of course they are on my end. I was so embarrassed and frustrated…she could hear me one minute, but then not the next. Darn technology. Being the sweet person she is, she said we would try it again another time. I wanted to crawl in a hole and snap my fingers, hoping to start the day over…preferably with a new laptop.

Here we are and it is Friday night…..back to me on the couch with the wine. Ahh, comfort zone. when I think about the week, I smile. It beats the alternative….except having more wine, not much beats that. Tomorrow, I will do my “volunteer job” (well, there is some money but don’t do it for the money)….I’ll work the football game. I get to see a room full of Sooner fans gathered in one place to watch our beloved Oklahoma football team hopefully beat Baylor. It’s an early morning but to be a part of the day and see everyone’s faces is worth it….

Here’s to a wonderful weekend.


No More Excuses

As I write this, it’s Sunday night.  I am ending the weekend on a proud note.  For the past 3 weeks, my weekends have been full of choices that were based on fun, what was convenient for me and what I wanted to do.  Today, I made room for a choice based on one other factor: what I should be doing.  I was out running errands and got done about 4:15.  I had two options-go home and maybe do something productive….or kill some time before 5:00 mass.  I chose the latter and am glad I did.  The season of Lent starts this Wednesday.  I shouldn’t need a reason to get back into attending mass again but certainly doesn’t hurt.  In addition, a person close to me is having surgery tomorrow.  Giving up one hour to spend some time with God was a way of showing him how grateful I am that I know he’ll watch over her tomorrow. 

The second reason I am proud of myself is because I worked out tonight for the first time in months.  I felt really good while I was exercising.  I can’t help but laugh now as my shoulders are already sore and I will be slow going up the stairs tomorrow.  But…that’s not the point.  I stopped procrastinating and finally followed through.  I hope this is the start of another good bit of change for me.  Giving up two hours of my time to make myself healthier in more ways than physical is well worth it to me.